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Where Can I Dispose of my Trash and Junk!?

Maybe you don't want to use a junk removal service and would rather remove your junk yourself! Getting the information you need about where you can dispose of your trash and junk can be overwhelming. Being involved in the junk removal industry has allowed us a familiarity with many of the local disposal sites. Listed below are the major Metro Detroit disposal facilities along with their locations, hours, and prices. Underneath the list are some brief descriptions of the operations of each facility. Hopefully this can save you some time!



1. Advanced Disposal is a very easy facility to navigate. Pull onto the dirt road off of Collier Road. Once you reach the end of the road, you can pull onto the scale. They will weigh you two times: once before and after you empty your trash load. There are several bays that you can back into so that you can have your own space to empty your trash. Advanced disposal also offers dig outs for trailers for an additional fee of $40. If you need to empty several times a month, you may want to consider asking about contract pricing as it is much more favorable.

2. Arbor Hills Landfill services both residential and commercial accounts. Make sure that if you are a resident emptying trash, you go to the scale designated for residents. Otherwise, you will be heading up to the landfill intended for commercial vehicles. Simply pull on the scale, pay your fee, and pull up to the several spots that have dumpsters where you can empty your junk!

3. Eagle Valley is a fairly large facility that accommodates drop offs for large commercial vehicles as well as residential customers. Commercial trucks typically use the landfill while others will empty their junk into 30 yard dumpsters. You are able to pull right up to these dumpsters and empty your trash.

4. J Fons Co is located off of McNichols Rd, but make sure you turn onto Flier Street where the entrance for non-city customers is. I would suggest a call ahead to make sure the line isn't too long or else you could get stuck waiting behind a long line of trucks. You will pull onto a scale and then head into a large building and back up to the junk pit. Be very careful as it is possible to fall and you also will want to watch out for the loaders as they are moving debris in a close proximity. Once you are done removing your junk, you will pull out of the building onto a different scale. You can then hop out and head into the trailer where you can pay.

5. SOCRRA Troy has a very straight forward process. As soon as you pull in from Coolidge Rd, you pull straight onto their scale. For most people, your load will fall around the minimum charge which is $45. Keep in mind this facility is only open to the public between 6 AM and 10 AM.

6. SOCRRA Madison Heights is tucked back off of John R Rd in Madison Heights. Try to keep an eye out as the service road is easy to miss. Once you pull in, you will get onto the scale which is inside a building. Expect there to be long lines at peak times (around 2PM - 4PM). It is tight in the building and usually only 2 to 3 vehicles can empty at a time before the loader has to clear more space.

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