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Turning Junk to Cash!!

Sometimes it's nice to get a little extra cash in your pocket for getting rid of stuff you have laying around, or for doing things that you already do during your daily life. If you are looking for some easy and quick ways to add some cash to your vacation fund or your savings account, look no further!

1. One of the most popular ways to make some side cash is to open up an eBay account and sell off stuff you don’t use anymore. Having an eBay account allows you to sell and market items to a large audience. I would recommend using eBay to sell high end items or niche items. eBay allows for a much wider exposure of your listing than local sites. The process is very simple. List your item, when it sells, you pack and ship with the provided label, and collect payment!

2. Collect that spare change! Spare change is a funny thing. When you have it at the time, it seems like an inconvenience, but when you start accumulating it, it can add a nice chunk of cash to your wallet. Check between the seats of your car, under the couch sofa, in your jean pocket, in your junk drawer, and anywhere else you can think of that you might have dropped or put spare change over the last month. You can take all of your change from your collecting effort, to the bank to exchange for cash, or to a Coinstar near you for a cash voucher or gift card.

3. Gather up all the scrap metal around the house and head to the scrap yard. One of the best ways to get some cash in a pinch, is to gather up all of your scrap metal laying around the house and head to the scrap yard. When most people think of scrap metal, they think of huge metal beams and heavy trucks hauling old cars. The reality is, a lot of scrap metal is brought in from residential homes. Items such as old brooms with metal handles, old electronic equipment, old piping, old outdoor furniture, etc., all are items you can take to the scrap yard to be repurposed. Most scrap yards in Metro Detroit, such as GLE, FERROUS, or GLR, give you a receipt that can be redeemed for cash after you unload your metal load.

4. Look through your old jewelry boxes for any gold or sterling silver. Gold and Sterling Silver are valuable commodities. A lot of people have some laying around the house and don't even realize it. Sift through old jewelry boxes and bathroom drawers and see if you have any bracelets, rings, or necklaces, that have gold markings on them. Usually they will have 14K or 24K stamped somewhere on them in small writing. You can take any gold or silver you have to pretty much any pawn shop or jewelry store in exchange for a nice payout.

5. Sell off those gift cards you never got around to using. Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts that people receive for birthdays and Christmas. Many times they end up stuck in the back of our wallets or buried in a drawer and never see the day they get redeemed. If you need to turn your gift cards into quick cash, try a site like Card Cash, that offers you payment to a Paypal account or a check for your unused gift cards.

6. Try the Decluttr app! If you have a bunch of old DVDs, electronics, or video games laying around, this app makes it super easy to turn them into cash. Just scan the barcodes on the back of your dvds, or video games, or enter which electronic device you have that you want to sell, and they will give you a cash offer right away. If you like the amount, all you have to do is ship the items with a label they provide!

7. Sell that old clothing on Poshmark. If we’re being honest, most of us have way too many clothes than we can actually wear. PoshMark is like the eBay of the clothing world. If you have a certain style, most likely there will be a buyer on PoshMark that has similar taste. Think of it like turning your old wardrobe into an online clothing resale shop! Sounds like money to me!

8. Take in old sports equipment to a sports resale store. Golf clubs, old hockey equipment, baseball bats, you name it. A Lot of times these things end up just laying in the garage buried somewhere. That's fine and all, but if you're looking for a way to turn a quick buck, don’t shy away from seeing what your nearest sports resale store will offer you! Here in Michigan, a popular resale shop called Play it Again Sports, has a quick and painless buying program.

9. Get rid of old kid toys and baby clothes. Having kids is expensive. The fact that they are always growing out of their clothes, or that their interests in things are always changing, does not help. That's why people like to shop for second hand kids clothes and toys to try to save some money along the way. You can sell the toys and clothes in large lots, or sell them all individually!

10.Sell off old vintage items that you may have laying around. Sometimes you have something laying around that seems like a relic. Relics usually have some history. Things that have history sometimes have some cash values. Don’t be afraid to do some research on an old book, sewing machine, or typewriter that is collecting dust. It could be a big pay day!

Hopefully these tips give you some motivation to declutter and make some money! Making your life clutter free and making money, it almost sounds too good to be true!!

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Kevin Bruyne
Kevin Bruyne
May 25, 2021

Whenever you want to sell your used car, always contact local and certified junk car removals because they buy used and damaged cars for recycling.

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