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When most people think about junk removal they usually associate it with landfills and dumps. Here at Junk Bros we are trying to remove that stigma and create a much more green perception within the junk removal industry. While we aren't able to recycle or repurpose everything we come across on a daily basis, we do our best to make sure we do whatever we can to reduce our imprint! Used furniture finds new homes through local charities and non profit donation centers, while non-functioning electronics, fridges, etc., are recycled and are repurposed through scrap processing. Paper products such as books and cardboard are also able to be recycled through authorized recycling plants. We take pride in making recycling a major part of our operations, so that you can feel good not only about getting rid of your junk, but also where it is going to end up!

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Dustin Watten
Dustin Watten
Jul 08, 2021

Whenever you want to sell your old car, always prefer local and trusted car removal companies because they buy junk vehicles at a reasonable cost.

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